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How it all began

School of Outdoors was born from the founder Dominic working as a self employed instructor, teaching Mountain Training courses and providing expedition support to schools in the South East. Dominic has worked directly for The Duke ofEdinburgh's Award as an Operations Manager overseeing the development of the South East region and at one point overseeing 500 Licenced Organisations. Dominic has also managed the operations of DofE while working for two local authorities. 

Dominic's Passion for the outdoors developed when he completed all three levels of DofE.

During Dominic's time working for DofE he could see how difficult it was for schools and centres to find the perfect AAP.  He has made it his mission to change this.  Dominic and the team have a vast amount of knowledge, not just about the DofE programme but also about the challenges faced by schools.  We want to make our offering as smooth and hassle free as possible, whilst providing a great experience for your students at the lowest possible price.

School of Outdoors has grown from strength to strength and out staff team is constantly growing.  Click here to find out more about the team or here if you are interested in joining our team.

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